Rviita Energy Tea
Rviita Energy Tea
Rviita Energy Tea

Rviita Energy Tea

Rviita Energy Tea

Power your workouts with ingredients you can feel great about

The energy you need from ingredients you love

  • Local Calgary company
  • Low calorie, tea-based caffeine, vitamin blend - designed to fuel your productivity
  • No artificial sweeteners, colours, or preservatives
  • Delicious berry infused iced tea flavor - you won't believe this is only 30 calories
  • Sweetened with organic honey
  • Recyclable, low-carbon footprint pouch that can be reused as an ice-pack

Designed with your health in mind

Rviita was designed from a passion for health and fitness. After witnessing their best friend suffer a heart attack from conventional energy drinks, Rviita’s founders set out to create a cleaner, more natural alternative to the chemical, sugar filled energy drinks on the market. 

It took two years to develop Rviita's tea-based, low calorie, clean energy beverage that you can feel good about putting in your body. Made right here in our beautiful country, and based in Calgary, we know you will love the 135mg of caffeine from tea and guarana seed.

What Can Rviita Do For You?

A beverage designed to help you work and play all day.

A sustainable energy boost to help power your workouts, keep you focussed at the office, or power your favorite activities.

Rviita is designed to give you an even-keel energy boost without the crash or shakes. With 135mg of caffeine from black tea and guarana seed, Rviita is energized from natural sources which contain tannins that can help slow the release of caffeine and keep you powered and productive for longer!