Fusion Purple K Reps


Get ready for an intense training session supported by the therapeutically dosed pre-workout PURPLE•K REPS. 

PURPLE K REPS is formulated to maximize explosive strength and support muscle endurance for maximum lifts and longer sets, ensuring muscle growth. How? The bioavailable creatine, the muscle-building ingredients beta-alanine and citrulline malate, and other supportive, energizing ingredients in PURPLE K REPS work together to fuel a superior training session every time. Pack on the muscle by making sure your workouts don’t fall short.


Getting the most out of every set every time you train takes lasting energy, extreme endurance, and explosive strength. Training harder puts more tension and stress on the muscle, which ultimately leads to more muscle growth. PURPLE K REPS provides the fuel you need to keep pushing, blasting through each set with more strength, more power and more endurance. PURPLE K REPS combines the benefits of the pH-correct KING OF CREATINE with therapeutic doses of ingredients to fuel the energizing pathways that support muscle building and ensure crippling muscle acid buildup is kept under control. If you’re looking for a pre-workout supplement that goes above and beyond your average “me-too” pre-workout supplement, PURPLE•K REPS delivers.

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Known as the KING OF CREATINE because of its pH-correct creatine that prevents creatine breakdown, the PURPLE K complex found in PURPLE K REPS delivers 100 percent of its concentrated creatine dose intact to your muscles. Unlike other creatine supplements that are unstable in liquid and convert to the waste product creatinine, especially when encountering the low pH in your stomach, PURPLE K utilizes an advanced pH-correct buffer that prevents breakdown and ensures a high bioavailability. That means less bloating and more absorption. Because it’s part of PURPLE K REPS, you can be sure you are getting the exact dose of creatine you need to support your muscle-building and strength gaining goals.


You need to be sure you’re driving each and every rep with maximum intensity to get the most out of every training session. And you never want to stop short halfway through a set due to muscular failure. The REPS COMPLEX found in PURPLE K REPS supports long-lasting energy and endurance to help you power through every set with lasting intensity. REPS COMPLEX provides a therapeutic dose of beta-alanine to neutralize acidic buildup, increase power output and delay time to fatigue. Combined with the creatine provided in PURPLE K, this synergistic blend goes above and beyond, supporting further increases in strength and lean muscle mass. The REPS COMPLEX also provides the nitric oxide-boosting compound citrulline malate to enhance nutrient delivery and further fuel the energy pathways that support muscular endurance. This complex ensures you perform every last rep with the utmost power and intensity.


The greater the amount of time a muscle resists weight during a working set, the more muscle you can pack on. According to research, longer muscle resistance results in an increased rate of protein synthesis resulting in muscle building, and further protein synthesis 24 to 30 hours after a workout. Ensuring you get the most out of each and every working set means providing the right mix of supportive ingredients to prolong energy production to keep muscles firing and pushing through the weight. The energy-amplifying MUSCULAR ENERGY COMPLEX found in PURPLE K REPS provides a specific blend of vitamins and minerals to support the energy-production pathways that work to continually fuel muscle contraction during a working set.

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