Perfect Sports Hulk 10lbs

Perfect Sports Hulk (10lbs)




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  • 1,030 Mega Calories per serving
  • Full Serving of Fruits and Vegetables
  • 50g Whole Protein & 60g Nitrogen


With over 1000 mega-calories, and a full serving of fruits and vegetables, Hulk HD is truly a high-quality lean mass gainer that is actually good for you! Each serving contains a Protein Matrix with 50 grams of whole bio-available protein (from whey and other sources), that is virtually lactose-free! This precise mix of proteins allows for an immediate and sustained release of muscle building amino acids.

Hulk HD is jam-packed with almost 10 grams of Growth and Repair Amino Complex ingredients to drive explosive muscle growth and massive weight gains. Hulk HD's Lean Mass Carbohydrate Blend focuses on key carbohydrates to trigger a muscle building insulin response and shuttle powerful anabolic nutrients straight to the core of your muscles.


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