COREFX Ultra-wide Bands Set

COREFX Ultra-wide Bands Set

The COREFX Ultra-Wide Band set is designed to counter a problem that some athletes have expressed frustration about. While exercising, bands or loops can have a tendency to slip out of place or roll up on themselves. Our wider bands have more surface area to stay in place.

• PREVENT SLIPPING AND ROLLING – 12.5”x 3” bands are wider than typical bands. They will stay in place while you perform your exercise routines.

• VERSATILE – Perfect whether you are at home, the gym, in a yoga, Pilates or cross-fit class, or with your physical therapist.

• TRAIN WITH US - Each set comes with access to the COREFX interactive education platform that visually demonstrates timed routines designed to strengthen, tone and stretch your muscles.

• FOR BEGINNER OR ADVANCED ATHLETES – Set includes light, medium and strong resistance bands that can be combined for greater impact when necessary.

• QUALITY TESTED AND INSPECTED – COREFX ultra-wide bands are made from all natural, premium-grade rubber. 

Light / Grey: 4-7 lbs
Medium / Blue: 7-10 lbs
Strong / Pink: 12-18lbs