We have been close friends for almost a decade now and have always been interested in health and fitness. We have both played high-level sports including soccer and hockey, both locally and internationally.  
Five years ago we wanted to diversify our skill-set and decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition together. So we began the long, hard, and mentally challenging path to the stage. In the end, all the hard work and grueling hours dieting and training had paid off as we both placed top three in our respective weight divisions. 
Following our competition, we kept up a healthy and active lifestyle. We had an idea to open up a store that filled an untapped niche for the fitness community. Our idea was to create a warm, modern, and welcoming place that people of all fitness levels would feel comfortable in, one that provides not only sports supplements but everyday health products. We want to cater to anyone looking to better their health and achieve their fitness goals.
Our passion for this lifestyle brought us to Platinum Nutrition and Supplements, a one-stop shop for all your fitness, health and wellness needs. Not only providing supplements and clothing but knowledge, experience, and customer service like no other. We live this life, and represent this brand. 
Brady Johnson and Aleks Strbac 
We are Platinum Nutrition and Supplements.