30 Day Mind Body Wellness Reset

Your opportunity to get in touch with yourself again


During this time we believe it is important to stay focused on our goals, ambitions, aspirations, and reconnect with your inner-self. We are all going through this together and as a community, we are stronger!

What is included in the package?

- Weekly at-home workouts

- Custom meal plan to suit your individual goals

- Discount code for 1 week custom cleanse/ juice detox from Raw by Robyn


- Daily task tracker sheet to ensure you are fulfilling your daily needs and tasks

- Weekly mindfulness practices, including guided meditations, breathing techniques, yoga and more

- Community of support to lean on and help each other stay motivated

What is the cost?

- Cost of this package is a one time $75 payment that will give you access to the above-mentioned benefits

Interested? Sign up below for more information!

Registration will end on April 14th