Nutrabolics Blackout (120 Cap)

Nutrabolics Blackout (120 Cap)

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A massive increase in exposure to blue light and the restless pace of modern life makes getting a good night's sleep more of a luxury than a given. Sleep is critical for everything from brain development to muscle growth, so insomnia and sleep disruption can be very harmful to your health and fitness results. You can’t avoid the light-speed pace of today's society — but what if you could hack into your brain's ability to handle blue light while entering an enhanced sleep state? Designed to help overcome insomnia, stabilize irregular sleeping patterns, and induce a deeper, more restful sleep, BLACKOUT™ by Nutrabolics is the ultimate sleep hacking recovery supplement.


At the core of BLACKOUT’s™ cutting-edge sleep technology is Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). This potent sleep active helps promote a deep state of calm and relaxation. In clinical studies, GABA has been shown to increase the activity of alpha waves in the brain (neural patterns associated with a relaxed and calm state) — even when subjects were presented with a stressful stimulus. Many successful trial studies utilized a mere 100mg experimental dose to achieve results - we’re loading blackout with a massive 2000 miligram dosage to support a hypnotic and highly restful sleep state.



Whether for work or play, much of our life revolves around screen time. Increased exposure to the high-frequency blue light wavelengths found in our devices means a higher possibility for this artificial light to reset our internal clocks via the blue-sensitive melanopsin system. This means our brain thinks it's waking time when we should be asleep, causing sleep disruption that affects memory consolidation, training recovery, and more. Clinical research has shown that supplementation with the macular carotenoids Lutein (20mg) and Zeaxanthin (5mg) (the exact doses found in BLACKOUT™) helps to counteract the negative effects of blue light insomnia by reinforcing macular pigment optical density in the retina. This blue light "blocking" effect has been shown to dramatically improve sleep quality, headache relief, and even eye performance.
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