Beyond Yourself Amino IQ (40 Serve)

Beyond Yourself AMINO IQ (40 Serve)

The FIRST nootropic BCAA in the Canadian market!

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Brain performance. Nootropics. Energy. Recovery. Endurance.

Male & female adults looking to enhance cognitive function, promote energy and peak performance levels while studying, at work, or in the gym.

  • Promotes alertness, wakefulness and enhances cognitive performance
  • Supports cognitive health and brain function
  • Relieves fatigue, promotes endurance and enhances motor performance
  • Source of essential amino acids to increase muscular protein synthesis
  • Assists in the building of lean muscle mass
  • Natural sweetener (Stevia) and natural colour (beet powder and tumeric)


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Why It's Unique:

The FIRST nootropic BCAA in the Canadian market.

Can be taken for both mental and physical performance.

3:1:1 vegan BCAA (3600mg Leucine) + Proven nootropic ingredients.

The full recommended dose of ALPHA GPC (1200mg) for cognitive enhancement
Incredible candy flavors!

ZERO artificial dyes or sweeteners.